So I'm working on a mobile app that deals with events and I'm looking into ways to display available events in an area. Right now it's just a map with icons representing different types of events, and when clicked, provide more info. However I want to also provide a list of events as another way for the user to browse as a map with icons isn't very useful past seeing how many/what type of events are going on.

Would using a navigation drawer make sense to display a list of the events? My problem is that they are typically used for switching tabs/screens rather than redirecting to information that is already on the screen. However putting the list on a separate screen entirely seems to break the flow. Thoughts?

  • I'm not sure what your proposal is - do you think about putting the events into the drawer, or do you think about putting navigation to a list of events into the drawer? If you add more detail, you'll probably get more responses. – virtualnobi May 27 '15 at 7:32
  • Sorry, bit new to this exchange. What I meant was displaying all of the events in the drawer. I've only seen the navigation drawer used for switching tabs, but instead of that I want to display the list of events. I'm worried that taking this approach will throw users off. Hopefully that makes some sense. – Kony2013 May 27 '15 at 17:29

You could try using a slide up drawer? Kind of like this one from Google Maps? http://cdn.pttrns.com/377/3927_f.jpg

If you could solve the issue with displaying the number of events in the icon, maybe that might make the issue of navigation drawers irrelevant?

enter image description here


How about adding some interactivity to it? Perhaps you can request a detail off the user (e.g. enter your postal / zip code), then show only the closest events to that postal code?

In fact if it's a mobile app you could just request that they share their location data and that way you reduce a step. If it's not necessarily helpful to know where their current location is, the postal code solution works better.

I'm pretty against a navigation drawer if this is not the standard behaviour for a navigation drawer elsewhere in the app.

Also why not just switch between map view and list view offering both options, similar to Yelp / Urbanspoon / Zomato?

It's a little unclear without a diagram so apologies if that's vague but hope it helps a little.

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