I'm looking for advice and stats on what is the most user friendly naming conventions for a registration page. I'm assuming users are reminded of a spammy situation if they are giving up their email on a "Registration" page and perhaps even a "Signup" page.

Perhaps something like "Create a free account" would be best? But then what should the URL be for the page? /create-account/ ?

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I don't know if there's any current studies about this, but this is a really easy to set test, so I'd recommend you do your own testing and see by yourself.

Other than this, and coming from a marketing background, I think you should avoid other that registration (or something like this, including your option "create account"). If I see something like "start winning" I'll feel things are a bit shady. For the same reason, I'll avoid the "free" part in the URL.

Think about the process:

user gets to your site ---> user gets convinced and decides to register ---> user looks for a registration action ---> user registers

Now, as you can see, the goal is to get users to register, so, why would you try to add friction on this process? You want them to register, they want to register, so apply the KISS principle: allow them to register without any gimmicky tricks, they want to do it, you achieved it!

  • Thanks @Devin, nice insight. I'm still not convinced though! May 25, 2015 at 17:28
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    well, then there's where testing comes handly ;) Just as a tip: I have a very simple and straight template system made in WordPress where I can change anything and everything in a couple clicks or text inputs. I use this sytem for quick A/B testing without using the real site. You might try somethign like this and see how it works. You could also use Zurb's Enroll for some relatively unexpensive testing
    – Devin
    May 25, 2015 at 17:40

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