I'm contemplating using a touch-start gesture (i.e. Mouse-down for touch-screens) on the tablet version of my website. For what I am trying to do I need to differentiate between a click and a touch-start.

Have there been any studies into the UX of this gesture and touch-end also? How intuitive do users find them?

  • Not an answer, but I just installed an Android app yesterday that did this, and it confused me for a while. Worked fine once I grasped it. It was a video recording/editing app that would record video while you held down the record button... so it started recording on touch-start and stopped on touch-end. I can see cases where that's sensible, but I don't think that interface will be immediately intuitive for most users. Jun 1, 2015 at 18:12

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The reason that touch-end is used on touchscreens to register click events is to allow correction of a miss-touch. The thought being that the use can drag their finger of the control and it will not activate. By using touch-start you do not allow users to correct a mis-touched control.


With touchstart you throw away delay in 300ms of click event. But touchstart can cause problem with scrolling.

How intuitive it would be for users - i saw more than 500 mobile application, and developers don't implement touchstart for click. This is only my experience.

  • I'm not suggesting using it instead of a click. I'm suggesting giving the same element a touchstart property as well as a click property.
    – Urbycoz
    May 13, 2015 at 11:00

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