I was wondering what is a good way to make clear that you can click on a telephone number and immediately call someone without copying & pasting the phone number. How can I persuade a user to click on a phone number ?

I know I can underline the TextView as an HMTL link, but I want to try something different.

ps: my question is not about how to call someone when clicking on a phone number, but about how to style the phone number to show that it is clickable.

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    Welcome to the site, @Nick! Can you clarify your context? Why does styling the phone like a normal link not work for you? – Graham Herrli May 3 '15 at 19:09

The default is, as you said, to underline it where clicking on it will activate the phone app.

Alternate solutions are all graphical-based, using the same mechanism but adding something to the number. Skype has a box around numbers, Google Hangouts puts a circle with an icon, etc. You can spend time doing that, but I recommend first offering the basic highlight function and changing it from there with A/B testing to see what the difference is. That way you have something to gauge against.


So here are two very simple solutions:

Underlined Phone Number Like @Jamezrp said you could underline the telephone number which would indicate that there is an action behind tapping the telephone number.

Phone Number Button Alternatively, you could put the telephone number in a button with the text "Call 00112345" which would be very clear that clicking on the button will call the number.

As with most things, there is no one solution that fits all so I would recommend that you A/B Test the two options above to see which works the best for you!

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