Is this within the guidelines or do you at least think it's an acceptable practice?

I'd like to use a persistent search bar, but my app necessitates a navigation drawer. I feel like it might be a bit weird to have the hamburger button and a search bar in a toolbar at the same time.


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I'd say it's within the guidelines. The Google and Play Store apps both show the hamburger button inside the search bar.

search bar in Google Now


I think what you want to do is within the guidelines and would be an acceptable practice. I have included two examples of what you could do as well as the example that @tehShane provided.

Example 1

You could extend the toolbar to include a persistent search bar like the example below. With the new Toolbar widget it is very easy to customise and extend your toolbar to suit your needs.

Persistent Search in the Toolbar

Example 2

You could have a persistent search bar that is anchored just below the toolbar like the example below.

Persistent Search below the Toolbar

Another approach would be to use a SearchView, here is an example of an app that uses a SearchView in the toolbar.

Either way it would be perfectly acceptable practice, of course you would want to test which solution is best for your app and your users.

  • Where can I get this kind of widget as in your first two examples?
    – idish
    Commented Mar 25, 2016 at 14:18

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