Looking for input on the best approach to having a chat sidebar similar to Facebook's web app. I'd like to display a list of online users so users can chat with each other. However, I was looking to implement a "Follow" system instead of a "Add as Friend" system. Since a friendship is mutual but a follow is one way, would it be proper to allow user A to follow user B and allow user A to chat/visibly see if user B is online?

I know on Pinterest you can message people if you simply follow them (im sure there are some privacy settings). However, I do not believe it shows if they are online?

What would be best approach for something like this?

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    @tohster my apologies I can revise the question if you give me some recommendations? Is there a place for this type of question? Commented Apr 13, 2015 at 17:01

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You would have to ask your users to find out if they find it creepy and untoward to have strangers chat with them. One way would be that a person has to opt in to be part of a chat (meaning that the person will not be pinged/IMed if he has not selected to be active in the chatrooms (as opposed to simply being on the site).

There are many options but first you need to

  • know your users and what they expect
  • educate your users to the conventions of your platform
  • give your users options regarding communication

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