By default in apple notebooks, "tap to click" is turned off, every time users have to press the trackpad just to select. I feel it annoying and hope other does too. Will it be more affordable if "tap to click" is turned on by default?

Using the Multi-touch trackpad

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  • How someone prefers to interact with the trackpad would be a personal preference, and answers to this would be purely opinion. The trackpad itself doesn't afford clicking at all, making either action a learned behavior. – Evil Closet Monkey Apr 12 '15 at 3:08
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    Are you asking for a research study to support your theory? – Benny Skogberg Apr 12 '15 at 5:09

I always thought it should be turned on by default. I've introduced countless people to Macs and I take a close look with their first interactions with it. They try to tap the trackpad numerous times and don't understand immediately why their "clicks" are not registering.

Last time this happened was last week. My friend is a Judge and a VERY smart person, and knows his way around technology relatively well. He spent 2 days with a new macbook air without 1) knowing about tap to click and, believe me or not, 2) knowing about double tap to right click.

He was simply not using a lot of software correctly and was mad at OS X because he couldn't right click.

Apple should have some type of onboarding for new users on OS X, and also adjust it's defaults to "tap to click".

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