Up and Down vs Left and Right scrolling/panning for image/publications/catalogues and why?

Currently, I'm working on an ios app, but would like to know when would it be a better idea to use left to right or top to bottom panning/viewing images.

From a personal stand point, I really do like the top top-to-bottom scrolling because it feels smoother and less drag. transitions are cleaner and I think the user has a better perspective of where they are naturally.

What are your guys thoughts and why? When would you use these, and do you have examples? Or would there be some even better way of viewing them instead of using a scrollview or tableview with cells.

Right now my unimplemented idea is to have images inside each cell inside a table view... Or would there be a better way?

Thanks in advance guys!

  • You need to provide some more contextual information. How does the user interact with the images? Left to right is a process oriented pattern, vs up and down which suits browsing at a single interaction level. – Adnan Khan Mar 30 '15 at 0:10
  • @Adnan The user doesn't exactly do anything to the images. The user views them and then goes back to the main screen where there are several other collection of images they can view. – user805981 Mar 30 '15 at 4:06

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