Are there names for the different models for editing and saving data, specifically on a Web form? What are they? As examples, there's the model where the user has to explicitly save the data by clicking Save or cancel by clicking Cancel. Then there's continuous saving like Google does. The way JIRA handles editing and saving with an little editors for different elements is another option (though I don't like that you need to hover over them.) There are probably others.

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I can think of some way of classifying the different behaviours, but I don't know if there are 'standard' terminologies for them all. Briefly I think the key elements in the various saving models are:

  1. Triggers
    • User driven: the user initiates the saving action (e.g. clicks on save or closes the document)
    • System driven: based on the system picking up changes to the document, or performed periodically (e.g. autosave)
  2. Interactions
    • Inline/in-place: the trigger creates an interaction at where the change takes place
    • pop-up/modal: the trigger creates focused area for the user to action/acknowledge
  3. Notifications
    • Pre: informs the user before saving
    • Post: informs the user after saving

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