Are there Google- or other reference CSS3 style sheets available for Material Design?

Google's Material Design guidelines are written using Android layout units. The only Google-sanctioned CSS-based framework I can find is the Polymer polyfills, but they're too heavy for pure styling.

As a result I've ended up modeling my own CSS3, which is pretty imprecise.

I've done the requisite Googling for Material Design css, styletsheets etc but haven't been able to find any decent references.

Because Material Design is more of an interaction than a style specification, ideally it'd be something that polyfills the interactive/UX parts of Material Design such as easings, transitions, etc in CSS

Btw I find the Material Design documentation very well written but it's weird to me that Google went through the trouble of designing a responsive UX framework and didn't bother to specify it in basic CSS.

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There's a couple of CSS frameworks for Material Design, not including Polymer:

Materialize: http://materializecss.com/

Material Design for Bootstrap: http://fezvrasta.github.io/bootstrap-material-design/

There's also https://material.angularjs.org/#/ if you happen to be using AngularJS, but that might be a little bit heavy for your liking too.

  • Thanks! Materialize looks like a well-crowdsourced effort (53 contributors), and the interactions look quite authentic.
    – tohster
    Mar 14, 2015 at 22:38

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