This post is about maximizing visual clarity of a page, not SEO.

Some info about my project:

  • The page will be displayed on a 1080p 42" television.
  • Users will be standing 3 - 6 feet from the TV.
  • The page holds six calendars, displaying reservation times for six rooms. This layout is a client request -- assume it can't be changed.

My first thought was to make the page high-contrast using extreme grayscale colors (see image below) but my client finds the current design too harsh and would like some color added.

I have searched for high-visibility design principles with little success. All advice welcome.

Current grayscale design

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    Welcome! This question is a bit broad and is veering into a design review type question, both of which are not on topic here. Can you focus the question on something more specific that would be relevant beyond your specific use case? – Charles Wesley Mar 10 '15 at 16:38
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    I'd suggest a variety of things: go with a dark background, lose the chart junk, bold type, bigger type, etc. – DA01 Apr 10 '15 at 2:25

Terminology commonly used for TV display's is the "10-foot" Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Some colour guidance in

Notable highest contrast using solid white may not be best approach. Reds & oranges can be problematic.

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