Lorem ipsum is the standard "placeholder" text for demonstrating typefaces or layouts in the Latin alphabet: it's got a relatively normal distribution of characters for a Western European language, but since it's nonsense, the user doesn't get distracted by trying to read it.

Are there similar placeholder texts for other scripts such as Cyrillic, or for languages such as Vietnamese that make heavy use of diacritics?

  • To be honest, I would close this question because it's answered with a simple search "lipsum [language name]" for any alphabet or language. The only downside is that you might need to translate the service's interface. – dnbrv Feb 13 '15 at 1:00

It doesn't matter whether the text that is used is standard. Even in a Latin script, it doesn't matter if your text is exactly the same as the standard Lorem ipsum, only that it looks like normal text while not making any real sense.

So the question then becomes, what text to use. I've always found the lipsum.com and lorem-ipsum.info useful for this, as they generates valid looking text that makes no sense when you read it. Between the two of them, you get coverage for most character sets that you're likely to need.





Жят ыт жольюта льаорыыт. Ыльит компрэхэнжам ад мыа. Фачтидёе атоморюм конжтетуто нэ хаж, ед зюаз дылыктуч жят. Мыа ты пытынтёюм патриоквюы, эи дуо льаборэ рыкючабо. Ведят рыпудяары квуй ад. Эа омниюм анкилльаы элыктрам эож, нэ аффэрт лобортис адвыржаряюм нык.


وترك يذكر حين بـ, فعل غريمه الخاصّة بـ, والمعدات ويكيبيديا، نفس إذ. ونتج الدّفاع من حدى, أي يكن دارت مهمّات, بزمام الشمال العناد فصل أم. أخر عن أحكم مهمّات السادس, تم طوكيو لتقليعة دون. عن مكثّفة اوروبا الإتفاقية تعد, جُل بـ مارد لهذه.

الأوضاع التخطيط في أضف, ومن جنوب أعمال الإتفاقية إذ, ولم الشهير التغييرات ان. ثمّة ونتج صفحة إذ عرض. ٣٠ يبق إحكام واقتصار التقليدي, الى كرسي والفلبين ان, منتصف وبداية و قبل. ٣٠ تمهيد السفن الأوروبية شيء. أطراف انتباه الأهداف كلا أم, الصفحة وبولندا الإنزال دون قد, الخارجية التجارية عدد عل.

(Please note here that this site doesn't handle RTL languages well, so the alignment is off with Arabic)

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    Жят ыт жольюта льаорыыт! As someone who can read Russian, I can't stop laughing at this gibberish. – dnbrv Feb 13 '15 at 0:52
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    @dnbrv At least we know that it doesn't make any sense :) – JohnGB Feb 13 '15 at 0:56
  • Same goes for the Chinese. But hey that's what lorem ipsum is suppose to be. :) – nightning Feb 13 '15 at 0:56
  • I don't know about Chinese, @nightning, but I find this placeholder text incredibly distracting in Russian. – dnbrv Feb 13 '15 at 0:58

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