I have a 13 selectable elements list to be displayed in a Mobile First" responsive webpage.

The elements are pure text of about only one line. I have been struggling with my mind to find a solution far from typical "checkboxes".

Are there any standards or suggestions on how to display these 13 items as selectable in a 320 x 356 viewport size screen without having to make the user infinitely scroll?

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    I would be nice to upload some sketches of the problem. – user62405 Feb 10 '15 at 17:47

Scrolling isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact people read text on a scrolling page faster than multi-page document. If you only have 13 items on the list, this is only like 2 screen height of scrolling, a lot of mobile pages out there are way lengthier. I wouldn't be terribly concern on that front.

13 items are quite a lot for somebody to take in at once though, regardless of whether it's on a small or large screen. If these selectable items can be placed into subgroups, you should consider doing so to make it easier to understand.

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