We are in design phase of our new android app and for navigation we are considering navigation drawer but after some research I found that some apps are switching from navigation menu to tab based ui e.g. Facebook is now not using hamburger menu even it has lots of options to show. recently g+ app also replaced hamburger menu with drop down.

So should we go for hamburger menu or consider it bad design for user engagement and replace it with tab based ui?

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It all depends on the app itself and users' expectations.

For instance, users expect Facebook's desktop website to always show:

  • Friend requests
  • Their messages
  • New notifications

The other options are hidden in menus and sub-menus. So, it's a logical step for Facebook to match the desktop version with the app.

If you have the screen space to place the prominent parts of your app in a tabbed-based layout, by all means, go for it.

On the issue of the navigation drawer being deprecated, I believe it's exactly the opposite. Most users recognize this behaviour pretty well.

Google just streamlined all of their apps/websites to use the navigation drawer:

enter image description here

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