I am designing a list, and under the name of each product, there is a rating based in 5 stars.

Next to it we want to display average rating in numbers (i.e., 4.3/5) and/or total number or reviews (i.e. 342 reviews).

The problem is that it seems a lot of information

Which of these is more useful, are there any studies on this subject?

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It's not a lot of information.

Amazon already do something similar.enter image description here

It's quite informative.


Displaying just 1 will make the other lose a good part of its meaning.

For example, unless the review is very detailed, **what would be your impression of a product with 1 start (or 5) if t has just 1 review vs one that has 500 reviews?* It's a very different situation!

If you don't display the numbers of reviews too, you could be creating a possible false image of the product, which is not a good thing. On the other side, if you don't display the rating the user would have to enter the product description just to see that.

So the best option without a doubt is to show them both. Here examples from:

  • Amazon:

    enter image description here

  • AliExpress:

    enter image description here

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