I want to write some quite specific error messages for an e-mail form field in order for people to find out what they did wrong more quickly.

– What are the most common mistakes people make when entering their e-mails in a form besides misspelling their own user names? Is it forgetting the @-sign, a dot or domain etc?

  • With many mistyped domains you can't really display an error, only a warning. Jan 13 '15 at 11:33
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Your most common are likely to be:

  • Full stop at end of address
  • Commas instead of full stops
  • Semi-colon or apostrophe instead of @
  • Spaces in middle or at end of address
  • Bracketed note in field – eg. (office)
  • Double periods

Some common misspellings:

  • Googlemail – Gogglemail, googlmail, goglemail
  • Hotmail – Hotmial, Hotmal, Hoitmail, Homail, Hotrmail, Hotmil, Hotmaill
  • Ntlworld - Ntlwolrd, ntlword, ntl.world, ntlwrold
  • Tiscali - Tiscale, tiscalli, Tiscally, Tiscaly
  • Btinternet – Btinterent, btinternt
  • Yahoo – Yaho, Uahoo, ayhoo

Source: Typical Typos in Email Addresses

Based on the above information, having a list of common email providers which can check after the @ and before the .com would be a nice feature.

Some other typos I could think of (which I do very often) would be typos in .com, so I would normally type .co or .com, so checking these would be useful as well. There is a nice library which I have linked to below which actually does this for you, so take a look.

Mailcheck javascript library

In terms of the first part of the email address there may be some of the users personal information in there for example, aimee@internet.com, I could misspell this as amee@internet.com. Although this might be overkill, still worth thinking about.

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