Is there a generally accepted duration for sliding transitions in android/iOS that feels "natural"? In a similar vein, do these transitions accelerate, or do they move at a constant speed?

I'm working with an app that uses slide gestures, but the transitions associated with them are slow, creating a feeling of input lag. Our developer is overseas, so I need to figure out what feels natural without testing it first.


There's quite a bit on this in Google's Material Design Guide. Amongst the guidelines:

  • Don't: Linear motion feels mechanical.
  • Accelerate objects swiftly and decelerate them slowly to avoid abrupt changes in velocity.
  • When an object enters the frame, ensure that it's moving at its peak velocity.

The android also has animation duration constants - short(200ms), medium(400ms) and long(500ms).

As this guide suggests, a view crossfading should be done using the short duration.

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