Really just putting this out there to see if anyone knows of a service/site that does this? Looking to do some testing on a setup form / process. I need to store the users data as they input it so it can be recalled on later pages. EX. adding things to a tree structure / miller column Since we'll be working with different users, data will differ and thus the need.

Currently using Axure and invision.

Any thoughts or ideas?

  • Don't know of any wireframing tool that allows this. Normally, I would code up a basic html prototype and store this info using browser's local data storage as a JSON string. Each page will pull this from the local dataset. This requires some coding knowledge to create though.
    – nightning
    Dec 15, 2014 at 19:07

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That's what Axures Global Variables are for.


Input Field -> OnTextChange -> Set Variable Value (you can even add a new variable there)

Hope this helps

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