Backstory: I am building a non-profit website that will visualise public spending and there is a for-profit sibling that will generates revenue for the non-profit by selling the visualisation tool for a fee to private companies. They have similar websites except the non-profit is xxx.org and the for-profit is xxx.com.

Is there an UI metaphor for interlinking related websites? Maybe something like folded corner with a message "looking for xxx.org instead of xxx.com?"

Strangely I can not recall any example of interlinked sibling websites. For instance wordpress.org and wordpress.com are only linked by tiny link in the footer, I want something more prominent.

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StackExchange itself allows for a user to discover the total family or community of websites through a number of cross-pollination opportunities.

  • Navbar / Masthead toggle: Make your users aware xxx exists within a larger context
  • Sidebar: Related content from one site to another based on context.
  • Content pages: Contextually provide opportunities to cross-promote. In your case, have a "powered by xxx visualization tool" in a footnote of the non-for-profit data/charts.

http://jquery.com/ does the same thing in the masthead of the site with subtle use of tabs. enter image description here

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