Requirement in our app is to provide a UI control for user to select 'from' month/year and 'to' month/year over multiple year. With validations like 'to' month cann't be less than 'from' month.

Example:- User should be able to select Feb-2013 to Mar-2014 Or just Jun-2014 to Jun-2014, etc.

The most simple UI I can think of is by using four combo dropdown to select fromMonth, fromYear, toMonth and toYear.

Month and Year range selector

Some drawbacks of this patter are:-

  • User need to click 4 *2 = 8 times to select from and to.
  • Time period selection or magnitude is not intuitive, (No visual way to tell 6 months or full year is selected)
  • To know the full range of months and years available, user need to click all four combos.

Please let me know of any better UI pattern or controls for above requirements.



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