I have two panels that are hidden/showed depending on the value of the "State to assign" dropdown. I've been doubting about placing the Confirm button:

  • In a fixed position, for example: the bottom right corner (as in the last image).
  • Depending on each displaying situation.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

For now, as you can see, I've chosen the latter approach, cause I think:

1) It follows the flow when filling the inputs.
2) There's just 1 button, so it isn't a big deal (about "user orientation") to make the button "responsive".
3) Taking in count the case of the first image, where placing the button fixed in the bottom right would be quite unpleasant (too much empty space in the middle).

So, the questions:

1) Where would be better to place the confirm button in both approaches and which would you choose?
2) (maybe implicit in 1) )How could I improve my current approach (just referring to the positioning)?

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I would attempt to make this form behavior vertical instead of horizontal. It's hard to know if this option is on the table - as I am not privy to the rest of the interface, but I think some of the problem stems from the horizontal growth of the form coupled with the confirm button under the textara.

And pertaining to older users, a vertical orientation would likely aide their traversal of the form, with the final resting place of their eyes and actions being the bottom. I have observed users of all ages struggled with actions that are out of alignment or "off-axis."

As always, prototyping solutions and testing your theories against userfeedback is best. Hope this helps.

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