I have two panels on the right side of the search page where I am splitting it by an accordion. Now, I am struggling with is that whether we should pursue infinite scrolling or pagination in this layout:

enter image description here

As you can see that my accordion is fluid, so with the flick of a button/finger(mobile) it can go on top and at the bottom based on what you would like to see.

TOP RIGHT PANEL: Shows you the listings on what you have selected on the left search with infinite scrolling.

BOTTOM RIGHT PANEL: Shows you a broader search with infinite scrolling.

How should I approach this problem?

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A good approach is Lean UX.

Sketch both solutions and then run it by a few users. Let users guide your design.

Since you have some tasks outlined already, a cognitive walkthrough is probably going to be the best test to start. Listen/watch for comments relating to task completion, time on task, errors, efficiency, learnability, perceived severity of issues (more). Having these in mind will help keep your interviews focused and actionable.


It's better to go with the pagination because the right side has 2 panels. The user has a clear idea on what action is being performed. In case of infinite scrolling, some times the second panel action might trigger scrolling.

As @ken suggested, I recommend Lean UX, it's the best way to approach this kind of issue.

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