I have a web based system, where users can work with each other.

Now there are two requirements:

  • Helping each user to remember what she was doing the last time she logged on, to ease their warm-up when logging on again.
  • Showing users what other users have been doing to give them an impression what the others are up to.

What are good methods to accomplish this?

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An activity log is a common way to achieve this.

You have such a log on this site:

The activity log on this site

Or something like this:

An activity log on the Movable Type system

You can obviously offer filter such as:

  • My activity
  • Search by user
  • All activity
  • Etc.
  • how do I know what are interesting activities and how much of them should I keep? The last 100? The last 2 Months?
    – K..
    Commented Oct 28, 2014 at 1:14

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