The Swedish website "Prisjakt" - a website used for price comparisons - has a very nice set of form elements that dynamically update to indicate matching elements based on applied filters.

See link and/or attached image: http://www.prisjakt.nu/kategori.php?k=168&o=lokal_rank&rev=1#prodlista

Are there alternative (and even better) methods for doing what is shown in the image? (keywords: "filters with indicators")


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It depends on how much information you need. As I work on data analysis, users need detailed information. If you do so, you should look at Google refine tool which offers the most efficient interface for advanced facets.

In comparison with Prisjakt I see many benefits :

  • Bar charts show values with and without other facets
  • Limits are clearly shown under the chart (easy to edit)
  • Slider and chart are merged in one UI component

enter image description here


I like their solution in general, though I believe it's somewhat messy or "too much information in a single bite".

The first solution that comes into mind when thinking of form components, for me, is jQuery UI, and maybe a specific example that might suit what you're looking for is this one: http://jqueryui.com/slider/#range

That being said, the dynamic updating and is something that I think escapes the scope of this question, but it should be quite easy to replicate with jQuery and AJAX.

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