e.g. If your FTP a file you can either overwrite a file or write another version of that file. Typical "-1" is added to the file. What is the right term? Browsing learns that "Increment" is a possible term but I do not find it back in Apple's Human Interaction Guidelines.

Any suggestions?

  • Finally we named the option: "Add unique number to file name" – Gerd Sep 19 '14 at 13:47
  • You are the ultimate judge of what to go with, but Gaurav's solution below is better UX to me because it doesn't require the user to understand what 'adding a unique number' is, but instead presents the user with two concrete answers to choose from: replace or rename (I wouldn't lay it out as densely as Windows, but their ux approach is pretty good I think) – tohster Feb 27 '15 at 17:02

Technically I think Append a file number would be correct. I think you should try to make this as least technical as possible. Append, Increment may be a little uncomfortable to the conventional user.

My advice would be that you still follow your renaming strategy but inform the User that you are renaming the file. Eg: In Win7.

Windows 7 Renaming a file

Of course if you have a power user (which you typically might have for FTP) you might stick to your original notation as they would like to be informed as to how the file is going to be renamed.

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