There are numerous key combinations that can be considered as being part of an unofficial (as far as I know) standard. But is there a list of such combinations somewhere? Some examples:

F1 - Help
F3 - Show next match (when searching with Ctrl + F)
F5 - Refresh
Ctrl + Tab - Switch tab
Ctrl + Number - Choose tab
Ctrl + F - Find
Ctrl + P - Print
Ctrl + Left/Right arrow - switch to next space or delimiter when in text edit mode

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    Remember that standards can vary by locale. In US English Ctrl+B is a standard Bold shortcut in tools like Microsoft Word, however in French for instance it's mapped to Ctrl+G for caractère Gras... Sep 23, 2014 at 2:32
  • ... and Ctrl+Shift+F in German for Fett (so not even the same number keys).
    – CodeManX
    Feb 20, 2015 at 1:48

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This article might help.

47 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers


There's not any official standard I know of. The following link looks pretty comprehensive as far as listing existing applications.


Shortcuts really depend on the software application you are developing... Windows, Unix, browser, etc...

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