I have an app with a map page. I would like to toggle between streets map and satellite mode, since in certain areas (especially rural ones), the terrain is better understood that way.

I don't like the native textual map and satellite toggle buttons, because they don't fit well into my app design.

Is there a convention for map and satellite image toggle icon, which aren't associated with a specific brand?


Googles implementation is nice - the icons are actually a see through window of what will happen when pressed. The satellite image in the Earth box shows the actual satellite image of that square.

enter image description here

When clicking Earth, the icon turns into a Map icon, showing the map in that square.


Further - don't underestimate the power of writing labels on buttons, it's especially useful when there are no standard icons to use. http://edwardsanchez.me/blog/13589712

  • +1 Thanks, but I am looking for a solution that would fit both Google and Apple maps, and have the form of an icon - the image is way too large and takes too much attention from the user. – Adam Matan Aug 20 '14 at 11:44
  • Well, if the icon will be really small I think your best shot is to use a satellite as a starting point. To differentiate a drawn map from a real image (satellite photo) on an icon of just some pixels will be hard. Another approach is to see the Satellite icon (map view) as a state that can be turned on or off. That way you don't have to design 2 icons... – Henrik Ekblom Aug 20 '14 at 12:18

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