I have a full page where there are several Tabs across the top.

The content type is a data table in the example but could be anything.

Question: Is there a need for an explicit Title if the Tab already describes what the Page is? I understand perhaps semantically it makes sense but from a UX perspective, is it repetitive?

Note: The name of the page is already called out in the Tab. Also the style for the Selected Tab calls it out as the current page.


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Tabs placed at the very top of the page won't be very visible. They work best when they are in the upper middle of the page and belong to something.

That something is your page title. It basically defines what the page is about, and then using tabs you can categorise the information on that page.

  • The tabs are not used to categorize, they work as navigation to sub-pages whose Titles are the exact same as in the Tabs. The pages are very simple with single word titles that also happen to fit into the Tab. – Pdxd Aug 15 '14 at 13:47
  • To me, tabulated content appears to be a related set of information. In your case where information is not related, the tabs are just navigation links and you shouldn't need a title in addition to them. – Adnan Khan Aug 15 '14 at 14:13

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