Had a meeting with our Product Manager yesterday and he's requested that we put content above our site design's main navigation.

Specifically, his request was to put the end-clients logo in the top right-hand corner and the last sync date of their file in the top left.

enter image description here

I tend disagree with this layout, but I can put my finger on why.

Is there any established convention for where the logo is positioned in the user interface AND/OR where the software status information should be positioned?

This will provide some ideas on how I can persuade our Product Manager to reconsider this design idea.


Using some relevant content above the main navigation bar is not a relevant problem. Lot of sites has this kind of structure.

Take a look for example to Ebay where you can see this kind of layout:

enter image description here


That's a fairly common request, especially if your product can be white labeled. If clients use this externally as a service then they'll want others to perceive it as their offering. I'd question the use of both your company's logo AND the client's logo in this case.

  • Without knowing the context, I'd say it's a bit odd for the "last sync" information to have such prominence. Unless, of course, it is really important for users to know! – erik_lev Jul 25 '14 at 2:29

I also don't see a problem in such request. The amount of information (and, thus, the space it occupies) is small, so it doesn't detract users' attention. Moreover, this information doesn't represent real content - it's just some branding information. I'd advise you to reconsider your view on this non-significant issue.

  • Having read these comments, I see that I was wrong in my thinking. Thanks for your input. – naturligt Jul 25 '14 at 3:10

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