I am looking for some general insight on a comparison between grid view and list view in e-commerce and not only.

I want to start from this general research, find the proper terms I don't know at the moment and then get into more specific information.

I am looking for articles, case studies, ux testing, even books, everything you know on the topic. (Layout: Grid View vs List View)

Screenshot attached. Please help!

Thank you very much!

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Choose the layout that suits the type of content you’re displaying. A list style layout is for the seated because users' actions tend to be very singular in purpose. They've come to your site to do one thing: browse or read. Present them with content in a standard way and let them just get lost in it.

On the other hand, grid view is for the standing. It's for the restless and curious. Your attention goes from one topic or image to the next and you never want to linger in one spot for too long. And when you get tired of standing, you just click into your topic of interest for more details and have a seat so you can take your time and become completely enthralled.

I've google-found some useful opinions about list vs grid

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I've been researching for many weeks about this topic and my conclusion is: IT DEPENDS.

When the users make their first search (or homepage with products) they may want to see a large picture with few details to visually compare one from another. This applies to similar products (like shoes, jackets, furniture, etc). But if your e-commerce application is focused on products very different one from the other (TVs, cars, computers, etc) it is best to show smaller images and more information.

In conclusion, Grid view for similar products (where you make your decision by the appearance of the product). List view for products with different (and important) information and/or specifications.

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Check what is more important in your data. For image based content the best option is the grid view. For data based content a better option is the list view.

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