Would it be a good idea to not redirect the user if the clicked anchor tag address is the same as the current address of the user?

e.g. If user is currently at //example.com/home and he clicks a link to //example.com/home do not redirect the user.

What are the Pros and Cons for good user experience. Thanks


A few reasons why you should load the page (redirect) if a user clicks an anchor to the currently viewed page:

  1. A user might be using this functionality to reload the page (instead of pressing F5/reload)
  2. A user might think the link is broken if nothing happens when they click it.

So the answer is, it's not a good idea to not redirect - i.e. don't remove the default behaviour of clicking the link.

If there is a reason that you don't want to reload the same page then remove the link completely from the page or disable it.

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