I work on a list builder component that the user must be able to build easliy, save and re-open if needed. I precise that only one list can be active.

I didn't find any similar component on the web, here is my own concept mockup.

Do you have any idea or any example in mind for a similar component ?

enter image description here

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I think it would make more sense to force the user to create the list first, rather than create the elements under it. You can name the CTA "Create a list" if none exists. Then, once at least one list exists, you can keep your "Create a new list" inside the drop down at the end like you did on your mockup.

Then the "Add an element" could be called "Add a metal" so the user knows what he is adding.

Then the fact that a list has been modified should be transparent to the user, he shouldn't have to save the list or anything : as soon as he has added a new "element" to the list it should be saved.

For removing "elements" of the list, I think it's easy enough, but I would maybe place it a bit further on the right hand side so that the user doesn't click on it by mistake while manipulating the drop down menu.

  • Yes, maybe i should force the user to create a new list but don't you think it may be constraining ? Also the "modified state" is there for allowing the user to create a new copy of the list. It is an alternative for the "save" and "save as" functions
    – Renaud
    Commented May 19, 2014 at 8:42

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