The system I'm currently working on includes phrases which the operators (call centre) must read to customers. Some can be paraphrased (i.e. "Your installation will happen on 01/01/2001" may be vocalised as "We'll be there next Monday") but some phrases must be read verbatim for compliance reasons.

The plan is to have an icon beside each paragraph depicting whether it should be read word for word or if it can be paraphrased.

Is iconography a good way to go with this? Will it be obvious enough to the user that icons differ?

If so, which icons would be the easiest to understand?

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It is professional interface, so it is more vital to be more efficient than to be obvious (because obvious solutions usually require more space — for instance, for labels, but professional users usually study the system and remember it's model and features). Simple analogy — road signs are simple to read on the speed, when you know their meaning, but can be misunderstood by nondrivers.

So, it is good to use icons to distinguish phrases, but I'd also recommend you to use color-coding: for instance, gray icons for phrases that are allowed to be paraphrased and red/orange for verbatim phrases. You can also consider different colors for background of phrase (i.e. pastel orange tones for verbatim phrases). This will allow operators to immediately distinguish phrases in realtime talking with the client.

I'd recommend not to mark by special icon phrases for which paraphrasing is possible — just mark by any special icon (you can simply use standard triangle with exclamation sign — if there are no other vital warning cases) verbatim phrases.

  • Hi Alex, we do have colours too but there are a lot of them floating round so I'm hoping we can choose icons to help the cause alongside the colours. +1 for the road signs example - hadn't though of that before even having spent 2 years working as UX Lead on traffic management software!
    – TJH
    May 2, 2014 at 15:00

Iconography is definitely a good way to approach this problem you have here. I'm assuming that these call centers that would be using this system are trained and if the icons differ enough than it could definitely make a large difference for the user. You might even consider adding color to the icons especially if it is not printed material and simply something they are reading off of a monitor. For example if it needs to be read verbatim make it a red icon, and for a sentence they are able to paraphrase make it a green icon. Green for "go ahead an paraphrase" red for "stop and read". Just an idea but I definitely think you're headed in the right direction to solve this problem. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Nick, thanks for the answer. Colour is already being used to looks like the solution the designers are using is about right!
    – TJH
    May 2, 2014 at 14:59
  • Hey TJH, no problem. It's a great idea just have to make sure it's very clear what you are specifying and it should work out. Good luck.
    – Nick_M
    May 2, 2014 at 15:12

You will definitely want to play around with the typography to make it clear which paragraphs are which. Experiment with weight, color, indentation, maybe even typeface and find what's clearest. Look at this example:

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The block quotes are meant to be read verbatim. The indentation and background make all the difference. This specific solution might not work, but something along these lines. You want to use icons as well, I would just use a bold V and no icon for paraphrase.

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