I have seen this control used in a number of apps, but I do not know a formal name for it and any of my attempts to search for it are failing because of a lack of a concise way to describe it. I have seen it used as type of non-linear navigation control, but I suppose it could be linear. Its nodes can indicate a certain status, such as 'Complete'.

enter image description here

Is there a formal name for this control? If so, what is it?


It's a discrete (separate; distinct; individual) progress bar, in contrast to the more common continuos (without break, cessation, or interruption).

How to deal with variable number of steps in discrete progress bar?

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    Thank you for the link. That was interesting and helpful. – Isaiah Nelson Mar 12 '14 at 15:30

It's a type of progress bar that shows you where you are in the completion of a flow.

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It's a flow bar - some applications allow the user to click on the individual steps/nodes but many just use it to indicate the flow of the process (like in a Wizard)

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