I am currently creating a Grasshopper 3D component that parses XML data from a particular URL. Taking into account UX principles, I have some questions in-regards to my wording.

enter image description here

The functionality of the parser involves:

  1. A HUD that overlays contextual information onto the component.

  2. Allows toggling between "Use Unix timestamp" and "Use readable date/time"

Note: unix timestamp is a more-machine-readable data type while the readable date/time is the self-explanatory humanly-readable timestamp.

  1. A metric/U.S.Standard toggle.

My questions are: are there better ways to name my toggles? Is the language consistent?

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The problem here is that the user is not aware of his options. How does he know he can switch to Metric? Or similarly: how does he know he is in Metric?

In your second screenshot, it says "Use Metric". So in what unit is the user right now?

Considering that toggles have 2 mutually exclusive options, you should display them both. It would:

  • display the current state of the option
  • display the possible alternative option

Quick mockup:

enter image description here

I used disabled buttons here but try to make them look as section titles.


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