I am working on developing an updated interface to a pre-existing set of services in the form of a web app. We have a limited number of clients (20ish) about 170ish users. I've been interviewing clients and finding while they use our services they have very different objectives and needs. Originally I was going to develop personas for users but I think these may be driven by the objectives of the organization they work for.

I'm new to personas.

  • Is there a best practice I can use to map the hierarchal needs and objectives of an organization?
  • Is there a way these are incorporated into part of a persona?

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Because examples communicate better than abstractions, here's an affinity diagram.

  • Organizing my information

    • show me what I have to do
      • daily to-do lists help me track progress
        • U3 302 likes the prioritization format in her day planner
        • U5 518 makes a report for group with day's hot tasks every day
        • U138 checks things off her to-do list as she finishes them
      • I want it printed in front of me
        • U2 221 prints calendar several times a day and hangs them next to her computer
        • U7 743 transfers meetings from email to wall calendar
        • U3 351 likes getting an email with tasks rather than a phone call so she can print it
      • don't interrupt me with non-critical stuff
        • U5 523 has his email set so only urgent mail is automatically opened
        • U1 12 keeps her inbox behind her so she won't be interrupted

Here's what each post it note represents

  • Overarching area of concern
    • specific issues within area of concern
      • aspects of an issue revealed by customer (in this example it's 3 columns)
        • single observation, insight, concern or requirement firmly rooted in research data

Make groups of these on a wall to get a big picture of your interview data. Good luck!

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