Please could you recommend some reference texts or other resources concerned with business data visualisation and dashboard design.

There's Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few on Amazon but perhaps you can recommended others.


I'm sure this book could be useful (despite the fact that it's not about dashboards): The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte. It's one of my favorite books with lots of examples of information visualizations from different ages and countries.

And take a look at other Tufte's books, all of them are about data visualization and all are brilliant.


In a previous discussion around this subject Alastair J also recommended Tufte's Beautiful Evidence.

I found Stephen Few's book very helpful and easy to read.

I also read a pretty good article on Smashing Magazine about Bad Infographics.

For good examples check out Infosthetics.


In addition to the above, I recently bought Information Is Beautiful by David McCandless. Haven't had a chance to read it cover to cover yet, but have skimmed it and it has some great data visualisation models.


Not a great example of dashboard design but Brian Suda is currently writing a book 'a Practical Guide to Designing for Data'. Although its not out until later in the year it might be of use for future reference.


Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few is a bit dated, but does a good job of getting the principles across.