What to call submit a new topic for a support forum with users that have little or no technical knowledge?

Looking online some of the ones that I have seen are:

  • Ask Question
  • New Thread
  • Post a New Topic
  • New Topic
  • Submit a New Post
  • New Post
  • Create a New Topic

I like Ask Question but since we are not really a Q&A site and others can post new topics. What should you call it?


I can see why you wouldn't want to use "Ask a Question" since the user may not have a question. I'd be hesitant to use the terms "thread" and "post" since they are jargon words for online forums. While they are the correct words for this context, your non-technical users may not be familiar with them.

I would vote for

  1. Create a New Topic
  2. Start a New Topic

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