First of all, I personally really dislike the folder browse dialog where you cannot copy/paste the folder name which you might already have in the clipboard.

In many cases for my own applications I see myself writing the same code over and over, which is:

  • a textbox which holds the folder name. The user can copy/paste the folder name here.
  • the textbox supports drag'n'drop and it will accept directories being dropped.
  • the textbox gets colored depending if the folder exists or not to give immediate feedback (just in the cases I want it to be existent)
  • a button labelled "...". This opens a *File*BrowseDialog. The filename is "file name will be ignored. The CheckFileExists property is set to false.

Now I'm going to put this into a reusable Control and as I want to do it right,

these are my questions

  • While I'm personally fine with the file open dialog, what misunderstandings could arise from this approach? (Because actually the user will select a directory, not a file)
  • Should I allow drag'n'dropping files onto the textbox and then extract the directory name from the file name?
  • What would be best if the user tries to drop multiple files or folders?

Please do not only give your opinion, also try to mention a design principle which is followed or not followed.

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