What do you think? I have a little window with one content control. What is the best control to edit a Yes/No value? At the beginning i used a combobox,now a radiobutton. Maybe is a checkbox better? Depending on usability issues, what would you use? What is your opinion on that?

If it is the radio button, do you can provide an example of style so that this radio button looks pretty?

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For a yes/no selection a checkbox is best, or something that functions like a checkbox.

For example, stack overflow votes up or down, click once to vote, and again to undo.

Another example is a facebook like, click once to like, then again to unlike.

This is a very common UI pattern for yes/no or other Boolean choices and transcends the development stack. It is common amongst physical interfaces as well as software ones.

Radio buttons require finding two targets to toggle, whereas a checkbox doesn't.

As for pretty, with javascript and css you can make your yes/no look like anything. Again, this site, what is essentially a checkbox is made to look like a highlighted up or down arrow.

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