I'm looking for a mockup software that can very effectively communicate the overall design and UX of a mobile app.

Ideally it has these attributes:

  • drag and drop elements (text boxes, check boxes, input fields, navigation, etc)
  • allows for actual navigation through the app
  • annotations to explain functionality
  • web-based

I want to use this for initial presentations to remote clients around the world.

What are some recommendations you have?

Cheers! Steve

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The best software that i have come across and is highly looked up to in the industry is Axure Pro. You can make a fully working wireframe or mock up with click through

It is a little pricy but worth every penny. here is the link http://www.axure.com/

  • +1 on axure. You can easily export the wireframes/prototypes to a working web version, axure will even host it for you. If that's what you're after when you say "web-based" – magnus.westrom Nov 9 '13 at 21:24

Try Keynote and the share link feature. I just started using templates from http://keynotopia.com and have been very impressed with it. These templates are designed for drag/drop building of interfaces in either PowerPoint or Keynote.

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