As ux professionals:

  • what events do you make a point of attending? (whether for education, networking, etc)
  • why? (what benefits do you feel you gain)
  • what is your go-to source for finding out about new/upcoming events?

Some of the ones I've already attended &/or heard good things about include:

Do folks have any additional details, feedback, recommendations about other (or the above) events to share?

Sep 24 update: Adding this additional resource for ux events that I came across today in case it's helpful to others: http://finduxevents.com/

  • All this, and you want more?! ;)
    – JeromeR
    Dec 9, 2009 at 6:37
  • LOL, guess I just love to soak as much UX up as I can! My main interest in posing the question is to see what other people who've attended any of the above thought of them (since I haven't attended them all) and also to find out if there are any really worthwhile things out there that I might have missed so far and should make a point of checking out :)
    – Nathalie Crosbie
    Dec 9, 2009 at 17:23
  • Adding an additional (Toronto) resource I just came across for Toronto Social Media Events (though social media-focussed, many of the events will still likely be relevant for many ux'ers): toprsocialmediaevents.pbworks.com
    – Nathalie Crosbie
    Jan 20, 2010 at 4:11

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You might find the calendar of events provided by interaction-design.org useful. It's very comprehensive and available in a number of formats.

I'd also recommend attending any unconference events in your local area. I've had a fantastic time at various BarCamps.

You'll probably find a local UX Book Club in your area (or you could always set up your own.)


I found London IA Ning group to be a good source of events taking place in the city. Also Twitter seems to be a good source of information if it comes to UX events.

I recently try to attend anything that's available and is either free or fairly cheap – I'm still learning so networking and talking with experienced people is the most important bit at this point, which means meetups and book clubs have the highest priority.


For people that are following this thread in the UK, a great source of UX events listings is the Events page of Usability News.


Stuart Cruickshank has recently created a calendar of UX Events in London. It's London-specific (it does include some Brighton-based events as well), but it's useful for those who live in the area.


I am interested in this too. Last month, I went to Business of Software 2009. I thought it was fantastic and perfect for UX designers. (http://businessofsoftware.org/speakers.aspx)

I've heard great things about SxSW (http://sxsw.com/)

Is there a local UX group in your area? It's usually helpful to network locally. That's an easy way to find out about events.


Another great event is UX London - I went last year and thoroughly recommend it. See: http://2010.uxlondon.com/

  • +1 for UX London It was really good last year and I'll be going again this year
    – richcb
    Jan 14, 2010 at 23:54
  • +1 well worth it. Missed out this year due to it falling on my wedding day, fingers crossed the 2011 event isn't the same week or I'll have to settle for UXLX in Portugal.
    – paulseys
    Sep 24, 2010 at 16:48

If you were in Australia you could attend UX Australia :) Or if in Portugal; UX Lisbon (which Donna Spencer, one of the organisers of UX Australia is attending and presenting at next year).




There is a great new site that tracks events via twitter - http://lanyrd.com/ I'm finding that the best way to see what events are on the horizon and as it's linked to twitter I can see who I am following who are also interested.

As for UX related events I go to:

  • LondonIA
  • UX Book Club - London
  • UXLondon
  • UXBrighton
  • and hoepfully in Nov UX People

Non related are:

  • RSA talks
  • Playful

UX Intensive! http://adaptivepath.com/events/2010/uxi/


LBi have created (and maintain) a Google calendar of all forthcoming UX events in the UK. Well worth a look:


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