Quite a few question as about design patterns for x or y interface. Where are the best design pattern libraries?

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Adding a few more resources I've come across to the many already great suggestions above:

1) Pattern libraries:

2) Other related resources, blog posts, anti-patterns:


Resources i've used in the past are:



To add a few:


The UX Pattern Explorer by Infragistics Quince is great: http://quince.infragistics.com/


I have recently started my blog of safety-related HCI patterns for touch-based applications at patterns.intuio.at, a rather specialised collection of patterns.


Echoing earlier posts: +1 to Yahoo! Design Patterns and +1 to UI Patterns

Both are very useful, in comparison to Quince. The Yahoo! pattern library sets a nice standard that I enjoy referring back to as a resource. The Quince interface is a bit over the top to be something I would want to use regularly.


Patterns Libraries Collection http://profs.info.uaic.ro/~evalica/patterns/

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