What audio podcasts would you recommend on usabilty, information architecture, iteraction design?

I listen to these:


I'd also recommend the dConstruct conference podcasts (the last few years are all available) - they also include some interesting talks on social media, as well as usability and UX topics:

2009: http://2009.dconstruct.org/podcast/

Also: http://2008.dconstruct.org/podcast/(2008), http://2007.dconstruct.org/podcast/(2007)

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  • Oh, those are really great, I've listened to some. Thanks! – Zoltán Gócza Nov 5 '09 at 21:09

I would recommend the Pixel8 Podcast.

Pixel8 is an audio and video podcast series bringing UX and technology experts together to discuss user experience in the .NET space.

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Gerry Gaffney's UXPod is also worth a look


Video: If you have iTunes you may want to check out the Stanford HCI seminars

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37signals people have just started their podcast:


Also a list here: http://designm.ag/resources/design-podcasts/

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