I'd like to add star voting into my project but there is the need to allow users to edit their votes.

My idea is to add a reset button or just (much more complicated) allow a user to hover over stars and change his vote. But what about allowing users to remove votes?

Do you have any other ideas?

  • This works smoothly in IMDB - I can't tell why you would consider this complicated. A clear rating button in case you ranked something by mistake (e.g. a occur with a name similar to one you have seen) could be a good addition too. Sep 30, 2013 at 9:05

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For a cleaner look, avoid having a reset button. Hovering (although complicated) is visually more appealing.

For a "null" vote, you can have a 'o' (preceding the stars) which can turn red when selected -- meaning the user has dropped his vote.

o * * * * *

(Many current systems do not have the provision to remove a vote; if a user doesn't like the product, he needs to give it a rating of 1 star.)


Adding 0 to the stars rating is the good solution, hunch.com has implemented it in a very nice way, screenshot below, but I recommend to sign up hunch.com.

enter image description here

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