When trying to expose a new feature to a site I'm using a pop-up that explains the change. Similar to what Google is doing across their products. An example: Google webmaster tools

My question is if it is important to visually load the pop-up after the page finished loading, to form some sort of effect that notifies the user this isn't part of the page. I've noticed Google are doing this, but wasn't sure if this is important from a UX perspective, or if it's just how they implemented it from a technical POV.

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The key point is to make pop-up noticable for user to take his attention. Animation effects are great for this. The movement is one of the strongest distractors for the human eye.


You can show the popup to introduce the new feature to the user. Make sure that the popup should be small and effective and it should make the idea of the user clear about the feature.

Also it should not take long time to load, which is not good from UX perspective.

If required the user should be able to disable the popup (if it is coming frequently on the screen)

UPDATE : Yes you can load the popup after the page finished loading which will notify the user of the new feature.

  • The question is if this is 'UX important' to load the popup after the page finished loading. I know I 'can' do it, just not sure if this actually makes a real difference.
    – Noam
    Jul 5, 2013 at 8:58
  • Sorry but I didn't get the term : makes a real difference. Can you please elaborate a bit ? Jul 5, 2013 at 9:01

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