In an Android app I have a screen where the user can select some parameters for a search. Among those parameters is a location. The pre-selection is Berlin. The user can click on a button (select location) and a new screen appears. In this screen the user can select a new location for the search (by tapping on a map). Say the user opens this screen, selects Munich but then changes his mind and, instead of confirming Munich, presses the Back button. He's on the first screen again, Berlin still being the selected location. Now he opens the "select location' screen again.

Would he expect Berlin to be the pre-selection in that screen because he never really selected Munich or would he expect Munich to still be the selection because that was the state of the second screen when he left it?

I hope it's clear what I mean :)

enter image description here

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It would be clearer to keep the second screen as it is left. The application does not change something behind the back of the user. This way you also prevent the data loss which would occur when the user would press back by accident.

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