I've got a bit of a dilemma and was wondering if you could help.

In a checkout flow the user has a choice between collection of tickets at the store, or from a kiosk in a complex.

The store select screen is OK:

  • User can select store straight away or view further details
  • User makes a selection
  • Selection is highlighted
  • User proceeds using button below options

Store select screen

The problem comes when the user needs to select a kiosk at the complex to collect tickets. I can't see a way that the user can actively select a kiosk, with feedback highlighting the active choice. If they select a different kiosk as the same complex there is little visual cue.

There are two many kiosks per complex for radio buttons.

Have you any suggestions about I might approach this?

Many thanks.

Selecting kiosk at complex

  • why do you need to select a kiosk, cant they just select the complex?
    – Igor-G
    Jun 7, 2013 at 10:45
  • They do also need to select a specific kiosk for ticket pickup.
    – MollyB
    Jun 7, 2013 at 11:00
  • oh its a manned kiosk!? :D
    – Igor-G
    Jun 7, 2013 at 11:02
  • :) Yes, sorry! A person physically hands over tickets after security check.
    – MollyB
    Jun 7, 2013 at 11:08
  • oh, i thought they were like auto kiosks... that's why I was quite surprised!
    – Igor-G
    Jun 7, 2013 at 12:16

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It appears to me that you are showing too much information at once.

I would first have the user select a complex, and only then show a way to select a kiosk. That way it will be clear which complex is selected. The interface you show is confusing. Why show several complexes at once? What happens if a user selects kiosks at two different complexes?

I would do the same thing with store, as well: Have a list with only key information that differentiates the stores (such as distance from location or a recognizable part of the address, like city/neighborhood). Only show detailed information like hours once a store has been selected.

  • Thank you, Dan1111. Just to clarify - on the store screen I don't anticipate showing all that information at once. Users can toggle open the extra information for store hours and contact details. I shall revisit the complex screen though - I think you are right that they should choose a complex first, then the kiosk is just an option perhaps. Fortunately, they will never need to choose more than one kiosk!
    – MollyB
    Jun 7, 2013 at 10:12

A quick thanks to Dan and Igor. You asked the right questions when I was in the midst of iteration blindness!

Solution seems to work best:

  • Select complex with radio to reveal kiosk drop down.
  • Upon selecting kiosk, kiosk details are revealed, background is highlighted.

So user has feedback at every step. Thanks again. Have a good weekend.


Although it sounds like you've found a solution that works for you, I think you might further aid your users by providing a diagram of the kiosk layout. This would provide a users with a way to visually orient themselves when it comes time for pickup. A user could also print it out and take it with them if they like.


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