We have a feature that offers subscription-based downloads. There are limitations to the counter back-end so to make sure a customer does not get charged by mistake, we have implemented a pop up box that requires the user to confirm the download.

We are trying to stay away from the word charge, but I couldn't think of any other. Can anyone help? General critiques are welcome.

confirm your dilemma


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    if you stay with the same, make sure to change to "By confirming your download" - although possibly rephrased to change the verb from confirming to verify, or something similar?
    – Nrgdallas
    Feb 27 '13 at 16:05
  • You are absolutely right. What was I thinking? Thanks for pointing it out.
    – Ana
    Feb 27 '13 at 19:03

I would keep it as a simple message along the lines of the Android writing style guidelines (even if it isn't for mobile):

Download for 1 credit?
Download | Cancel

It's short, to the point, and avoids words with negative connotations.


Since users may ignore the text in the dialog, making the button a bit more descriptive and removing/shortening body text is another option.

[Download For 1 Credit] [Cancel]


Confirmation dialog should consist of a simple confirmation question and 2 or more selectable responses. So I would change it to be a short question instead of what it now is.

And since the download confirmation is a response to an action that the user has done (by clicking download), the user should know what he/she is doing, so keeping the question simple you make sure it's easy to answer as well.

The way JohnGB already put it was my first thought as well, so not providing any other suggestions of the wordings, just that confirmation dialog should be a simple question with clear answers.

Note: If the "approve" response is critical (like it costs something when you click on it), it shouldn't be the default response for the confirmation, so you don't accidentally approve to pay.

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