Browsing through the StackExchange Android website I came across this, and was curious whether wrapping of site names is correct. Will a users eye automatically read "User" and wrap their eyes to the next line and reading "experience"? Will this exclude users who read LTR languages?

StackExchange Android Website

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It is a mistake. They should have used a non-breaking space between 'user' and 'experience'. In HTML it is represented as   or  .

I also looked at that and saw "user", and if it weren't for your red arrow, I wouldn't have seen the "experience" part of that, which is clearly not their intention.

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    Agree, it probably is a mistake. There was a post on Meta.Stackoverflow where this was originally raised. I've added a new answer to that question with info about it not working. (Interestingly there are some non-breaking spaces in some of the titles - 'home improvement' being one of them. Also all the StackExchange beta sites have non-breaking spaces in their titles, but these graduated sites don't seem to.
    – JonW
    Jan 24, 2013 at 11:30

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